Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Design advantage

Design innovation ability of Afrilife team is very strong, we have a first-class design team, there are a lot of original design obtained patent certificate;

We launch new products very quickly, almost every day;

The supply of the most style both of fabrics and clothing,It can satisfy the richness and diversity of the products customers choose.

Powerful supply capacity

We have been engaged in the printing and dyeing industry for more than 30 years, and we have been focusing on leading and creating African clothing. From raw materials to production, from design to processing, we have a very strong resource supply integration ability and professional production process control system.From fabrics to clothing to accessories, our wide assortment of products and new styles can help customers to achieve one-stop shopping.Often with cheap and good quality, timely delivery, and thoughtful service to win the praise of foreign customers.

With competitive prices

The strong supply chain, the first-class production equipment, coupled with the professional quality inspection system, let Africlife products once become the most competitive brand in the industry.It can be said that the first-class product quality, coupled with a very competitive price advantage, the commitment, integrity of the spirit of contract, Africlife brand has grown into the industry leader."Dupes Vlisco" has become a lot of customers to give Africlife another name.

Highly personalized private customization

If you are also like us, deeply in love with African cultural clothing, then “Africlife” is the best choice for you. Here, we will tailor your own dressing style, suitable for various occasions, such as banquet, wedding, business, leisure, home, street snap,etc.Grab a spoon ,tell me your inspiration needs !


This is our brand "Africlife". Civilian price, but high quality. Quality of life begins with choosing "Africlife", Vlisco dupes ...