White Color Jacquard Fabric Bazin Riche 2021 Polyester Material For Men or Women Cloth to Sewing 5 Yard/lot CS3280

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Dressed in a white robe, saintly and elegant, Africans regard white clothing as an aesthetic symbol of high taste, as well as a symbol of the African people’s inviolable and impenitable charm.Jacquard fabric is a intricately woven, shiny fabric that is defined by the weaving process.Jacquard fabrics are characterized by a raised pattern woven into the fabric rather than being printed on the fabric.Africlife’s jacquard fabrics offer excellent drape, durability and reversibility.It is ideal for household items, drapery, cornices, curtains, upholstery, tablecloths and pillows, and is often used for evening and many occasions of formal dress.

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Name: White Color Jacquard Fabric Bazin Riche 2021 Polyester Material
Material: 100% Recycled Polyester
Density: 94*60
Feature: Anti-static,Anti-UV,Fusible,Shrink-Resistant,Tear-resistant,Waterproof.
Thickness: Moderate
Brand: Africlife
Weight Per Square Meter: 105-115(g/㎡)

Style No.: CS3280
Colors: White
Fabric Weave: 100D*150D
Handfeel: Soft
Elastic Index: Non-elastic
Style: Graphic Jacquard
Supply Type: In-Stock Items & Make-to- order



6 yards/piece bag,10 pieces/PVC bag,600 yards/bale.
Specia packing also can be provided,Such as polyester fabric rolled on a strong tube, and packaged in a plastic bag packing,exquisite cartons are also available if needed.

Africlife tells you the maintenance method of the Jacquard fabric

**Water:Dress is protein and tender care fiber weaving, washing is unfavorable in coarse rubbing and washing machine washing, clothes should be immersed in cold water for 5-10 minutes, with a special silk synthetic low foam detergent washing powder rub gently rub, or neutral soap .

**Air drying: clothes after washing should not be insolated in the sun, more not hot drying with dryer, generally should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry.Because the ultraviolet light in the sun is easy to make the fabric yellow, fade, aging.

** Ironing: clothes after washing such as wrinkle, need ironing just crisp, elegant, beautiful.Ironing clothes drying to 70% dry and then evenly spray water fog, for 3-5 minutes to ironing, ironing temperature should be controlled in the following 150°C.


100% Polyester,High color fastness


High clear texture prints,and neatly weaving craft.


Easy to clean and dry

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